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Artist Information

Antony "AMA" Arango

Film/TV Work

Singing Tour: Vietnam and Cambodia (2013)

Good Morning America (2013)

Singing to President Obama (2013, 2015)

Children of Soldiers (2015)

Edward Kennedy Institute Opening (2015)

Singing Tour: Europe (2015)

Lorem Ipsum: Man's Reprise (2016)

Hall of the Undertakers (2017)




Artistic Training

Barry University Private Training

Boston Children's Chorus (2011- 2016)

Master’s Degree in Music - Kyrah Rodriguez     

Master Classes - Boston Conservatory (2014)

Theatre Tech Crew - Lights and Sound (BAA)

Film Major at Boston Arts Academy (2012-2016)                   



Connect :
IG: ama_of_the_People
Facebook: Antony Arango


Born in Miami Beach, Florida, Antony Arango started artistically involving himself at an early age.  Performing at Barry University, he started his formal training at a very early age.  After relocating to Boston, he went to Boston Arts Academy as a Theatre Major.  By the end of High School Antony had already had travelled the world as a world class singer, performed to President Obama twice, had 2 of his plays performed in theaters in Boston, and had his films shown at the Paramount Theatre.  Antony still creates, performs, and currently has many pending projects waiting to be released. 


True strength is not just conquering the mirror, but breaking through the wall that has broken you.
— Antony Arango